Data capture

Shared Service Center

Minimizing data discrepancies between the parties, cost and time efficiency, relief for sales, operational and management staff

While time consuming side labour occupies you and your staff, the focus on the core business may drop gradually. Perhaps you have already noticed this and anticipated by hiring a dedicated person or persons to focus on just this data capturing. This might look as the best solution, but with the extra staff, your overhead is growing in parallel and you are highly depending on this staff. And when this staff is absent, work starts to stack and stagnates.

Avoid this kind of dependency. Avoid the price of your growing overhead. Outsource your data capturing. We at datacair know your business. We can take over your time consuming boring data capture work and relief you from the possible workload stress. At the same time you can focus optimal on your core business and keep control over the costs.


  • Datacapture is a shared service center dedicated to AWB data processing in Airlines’ IT systems
  • Datacapture is able to achieve labor cost savings, flexibility and productivity gains by centralizing functions in a lower cost jurisdiction.

Main Services

  • Processing air freight documents in various Airline systems;
  • Uploading flight documents in designated software applications;
  • AWB Data capturing;
  • Data-input shipment info, rates, agent details, etc. and verification;
  • Communication, solving issues directly with stakeholders;
  • AMS entries for Airlines and GHA;
  • Electronic data exchange (FSU, FWB, FHL, etc);
  • Rate/ fare checks and amendments;

Strenghts – Key bennefits

  • Flexible shifts working 5-7 days per week (12-24 hours;
  • Experienced, efficient and well trained air cargo teams;
  • Increase of efficiency, data reliability and speed of invoicing;
  • Reduction of branch station workload (sales and focus on core activities);
  • Increase of accurate data helps forecasting reliability;
  • Data integrity & Cash flow improvement;
  • IT infrastructure;
  • Airlines Software * strong knowlegde.

* Cargo Spot, Sky Chain, Smart Kargo, Sky Net, UC360, Cargo Wings, COMIS, CROAMIS, SPRINT and more.

AMS – Automated Manifest System used by the US customs for submitting documents they require for processing shipments coming into the US.

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