Operational Administration

Get the figures right

From invoice check on AWB level to KPI and reporting. We get the figures right.

Operational Administration

Airfreight business is a fast day to day business. Sometimes long term agreements are in place but airfreight is mostly an ad hoc business. Last minute price agreements are made in combination with fixed rates for the extra services involved. Different currencies are regularly in place and before you know, the shipment has departed and a copy of the air waybill is in hands of your administration.

We have tools, knowledge and experience to guarantee that each individual charge is checked on air waybill level. This process spans from just an airfreight rate and/or airline commission up to handling and trucking charges, security fees, dangerous goods fee and any other charge which affects the total rate. Buying and selling.

We create invoices, CASS reports, Cargo Sales Reports. And all of these contain verified records. Checked and verified with the cargo system. And we do that thoroughly. Always. We also get in contact with your service provider when we find discrepancies and/or mistakes to resolve the issue.

Last but not least we can provide you with a broad collection of reports and KPI’s.

Main Services

  • Invoice check on AWB level of all cargo services – handling, trucking, other charges, freight, commissions, etc
  • Reconciliation, running and uploading CASS files, verified with the cargo system. Loading corrections, tracking and investigating if any mistakes in the CASS files
  • Preparing Cargo Sales Report and any specific activity reports
  • Contacting service providers to resolve issues, discrepancies and mistakes
  • KPI & Reporting
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